Carl Freer – Carl Johan Freer

Carl Freer

A successful consumer technologies executive with years of experience in Europe and the United States, Carl Freer currently serves as the founder and chief innovation officer of Aluminaid. A medical device company headquartered in Singapore, Aluminaid has developed a line of topical, nonsurgical bandages designed to treat patients with first- and second-degree burns. As a leader of the company, Carl Freer remains dedicated to ethically driven management and works to implement top-quality procedures and design practices at all levels of the organization. Under the guidance of Carl Freer and the rest of the executive team, Aluminaid has developed medical products that withdraw heat from a burn and absorb it directly into the burn dressing. By releasing excess heat into the surrounding air, Aluminaid bandages provide immediate pain relief for burn patients and improved levels of comfort during treatment.

carl-j-freerCarl Freer has also overseen the introduction of a range of plasters…

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